About me

I’m Paolo Galeone, a Computer Engineer that’s always been in love with the IT world.

As soon as I started developing software I understood that the most important part of any system is the data that it collects. So, I started being interested in the data-world: high-dimensional, structured, unstructured, big and small data and the way to store, manage and analyze them. I focused my struggling on how to efficiently store and analyze any type of data and I found the Computer Vision domain a good training bench for a better understanding of this world. The willing of understanding data brought me to focus on Machine Learning and more specifically on Deep Learning.

I spend several hours a day studying new topics and answering questions about them on StackOverflow. I found that answering tech-related questions really helps to verify if I have a very deep understanding of the topic.

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I’m a strong Open Source supporter and I work exclusively on Linux systems.