Hello world

Like every other software developer, I wrote Hello Worlds hundreds of times. This time, however, is the first time I write an Hello World to inaugurate a blog.

I’m currently working as a Deep Learning (DL) / Machine Learning (ML) researcher, therefore expect the following posts to be a crescendo about these topics. I’m planning to write something like a ML/DL article a day/a week (or at least I’ll try).

I decided to start a blog because I used to write to fix concepts in my mind, so instead of write them down on a paper I’ll write them here. In this way everyone can read it: in my opinion knowledge must be shared as much as possible.

Furthermore, using jekyll and GiHub everyone can contribute!

How to contribute

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a new branch
  3. Contribute!
  4. Open a pull request

These steps are OK if you want to fix typos and similar things.

If you want to change the meaning of an article because you believe that I’m wrong, please open an issue and lets discuss it before.

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